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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You are not allowed to resell or share this product

  2. You are not allowed to reverse engineer or modify or decompile any product that is sold by us.

  3. Any issues detected please uninstall the product and please report it to us.

  4. Ownership of the game lies with CMBharadwaj Software Studio (OPC) Private Limited

  5. We can suspend or cancel member account if we find that someone is breaching the terms of use

  6. Limitation of liability: The company or its directors or employees won't be responsible or liable for any loss that happens because of installing or running the software provided by us. That includes damages to hardware or software or any data breach or any malware

  7. In case of company being closed, neither the company nor the employees or its directors would be liable for any damages that happen after the company is closed or acquired.

  8. We can modify terms and conditions without providing any further notice

  9. The games made are work of fiction. any similarities to persons living or dead or actual events is purely coincidence. 

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